Be Responsible

At Red Owl Academy every child is a unique creation with his/her own talents and potential.  Children can discover who they are only if they begin to develop and nurture their own opinions and ideas.  Being responsible begins from the moment a child enters the classroom.  They are responsible for their cubbies, play area, art work, their belongings… Our professionals will ensure that these core values are accepted, respected, and embraced.

Be Curious

Red Owl Academy is a brand new bright, clean, safe facility that welcomes all children to an environment where they grow, develop, and satisfy their natural curiosity.  When you stimulate wonder, it motivates a child to keep trying, learning and moving forward… hence – never losing the seven million wonders in their eyes.


Be Happy

At Red Owl Academy - We love art!  It is a vital part of our curriculum, acting, singing, dancing and creating allow children to dream big, explore the unknown and find the “Happy” in any form of the art they create.  Only through art, you can instill in their minds a sense of love, friendship, kindness, and respect.